Tuesday Tip: Nail Maintenance

Taking care of your dog’s nails are an important part of life with your pup, but it can be a bit scary for them. Ideally your dog’s nails will not touch the floor when standing normally, if they do, they need a trim! Be sure to go slowly when introducing clippers, a dremel, or a nail file and create lots of positive associations with the object well before you try to clip. Forcing your dog to sit still for a nail trim will only make your job harder next time, better to create a great experience and some cooperative care than trying to force your way through it.

One method of keeping your dog’s nails nice and short is to make them a scratch board and teach them to scratch on cue. This is easier than it sounds, and a great way to make nail trimming a stress free experience. Check out Kylo filing his own nails in the video below, and let us know if you’d like to learn how to teach this useful behavior!