Take a Break!

Take a break blog

By: Melissa Kolmar, CPDT-KA, SBA

This past Saturday I took the day off to celebrate my birthday. It was the perfect day: we went to the beach and then had dinner with family. I felt relaxed and recharged. Of course, that made me think of our dogs!

Whether it’s training for a specific goal (like the Canine Good Citizen Evaluation) or working on a behavior that may be tough for your dog (sitting politely when people approach), sometimes you need to take a break! Take a step back and do something fun with your dog: a sniff walk, a game of chase or fetch, a cuddle session on the couch or find it games around your house.

When you take a break with your dog, be 100% present with them. That means no phones (not even to take pictures of their adorableness!), no TV, no multi-tasking. Practice mindfulness and be wholly focused on your dog.

Even if it is just 15 minutes, you’ll be surprised at how much this break may change your mindset when you get back to training. Hopefully, both you and your dog will come back recharged and ready to start again!