Relationships and Training

By: Gillian Daniels, CPDT-KA

We all (hopefully) know how important it is for you to train your dog, right?

Yes, of course! But without a solid relationship in place, you’ll never truly get the results you are after.

What do I mean by that? I mean taking time to just sit with your dog and observe them, what do they find enjoyable? How do they like to spend their time, and what do they choose to do?

Go sit in the park and watch your dog take in all the amazing smells around them. Figure out your dog’s favorite way to play, and engage in those games with them. Be sure to be fun during the training sessions as well. Incorporate play and praise! Celebrate all the little successes in your training, and watch how excited your dog will be to work with you.

What is fun for each dog will be different. I have four, and “being fun” means different things for each of them. For one dog it’s using a super exciting high pitched voice and praising him, for another it’s playing disc in between short training sessions, for another it’s performing some of his favorite “easy” behaviors in between learning new stuff, and for the puppy it means keeping training super short and then engaging in a game of chase!

So yes train your dog, but remember to be fun! The relationship should come first, because if your dog believes you are FUN and you have a solid relationship in place you will be amazed at what you and your dog can accomplish together.

Relationships and Training