Moving with Your Dogs

Moving with your dogsA new year can bring new adventures! Are you planning on moving soon?

By: Melissa Kolmar, CPDT-KA

Whether it is across town or out-of-town, there are a few things to keep in mind when moving with your dogs.

Move as much as you can before you move your dog (even if it’s just one room they will be confined in during the rest of the move). Make sure you give your dog lots of attention, as well as their toys, chews and blankets/beds.

Prepare a kit with their dog food, water, treats and toys for the first few days of unpacking.

• During the move itself, keep your dog in a quiet area to reduce stress. You could also have them stay with a friend or at a boarding facility for the day.

Check in on your dog regularly, and try to feed and walk them at their normal time. Having a sense of a routine in the midst of changes will help them a lot.

Be careful when transporting your dog to your new neighborhood. If they escape, they can easily get lost. It’s important to not open the kennel door until your dog is in their new home.

Update tags and microchip information to the new address and phone number.

If you are preparing to move and would like some training help with your pup, let us know: Schedule a session today!