canine Massage

Canine Massage

With Shonna Bender, LMT

Certified Canine & Equine Therapeutic and Sports Massage Therapist

Have you ever had a massage to relieve back or neck pain?  Didn’t it make you feel wonderful?  But why would your dog need a massage?  Both therapeutic and relaxation massage could relieve the aches and pains of aging, help a puppy or rescue dog learn to trust and accept human touch, reduce post-surgical recovery time, and keep a canine athlete in tip-top condition.  Dogs receive all of the same benefits we experience from massage, not to mention they really do enjoy a good back rub! 

Canine massage for a medical condition should always be done with the knowledge of your veterinarian and should be done by a trained canine massage therapist.  However, there are many techniques you can learn so you can work on your dog at home.  Remember ~ canine massage does not replace veterinary care!  Consult with your vet to decide if massage is right for your dog, and always work with a trained and experienced canine massage therapist to get the very best results for your best friend.

This three-week class covers:

  • Basic canine anatomy

  • Benefits of massage

  • Contraindications to massage

  • Massage strokes and pressure

  • Precautions

  • Hands-on massage: learning a simple yet effective massage routine that you can safely use with your own dog.

  • Informational handouts included

  • Plenty of Q&A time

Week 1 will be lecture only-please leave your dogs at home. Dogs will be included in weeks 2 and 3.

This workshop is not designed for dogs reactive to people or other dogs.

Canine massage is not a substitute for competent veterinary care.  Canine massage is intended to enhance your dog’s overall well-being and complement the care provided by her veterinarian.  Medical concerns should always be discussed with your veterinarian.

This three-week class is $85.


To be scheduled in 2020!