“Life as we know it has changed dramatically. I have a dog that can be skittish, fearful and reactive. But she’s also a doll. And you’ve taught me how to live life with her without being constantly worried about the environment around us and around her. I am aware of the environment–more so, really. But I know better how to read her and how to better anticipate and hopefully preempt the reactions and the situations that used to be so traumatic for her. And you also taught me to try to make EVERYTHING fun, fun, fun! it changes my perspective on life, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you–from the bottom of my heart. :-D”
– Louella and Annie Berke

“Hula qualified this weekend in her Open Standard class and got first place on both days, too. She has not been entered in an AKC Agility Trial since January of 2010. She was calm and enjoyed her runs, showing me confidence I have not seen from her in an Agility ring , before. I credit this success largely to K9 Nose Work and the safe rewarding environment your have provided for her. Hula is doing pretty well.”
– Andrea

“On the Saturday following the final Saturday of Bixby’s and Daisy’s training, Michelle and I were sitting at the breakfast table, reading the paper and planning the day. Daisy was out in the sun porch, in the chair she, occasionally, but reluctantly share with Bixby, while Bixby was in the kitchen with us, lying beneath the kitchen windows. As we were going the through the mow-the-law-do-the-laundry litany, Michelle said, “Too bad the puppies can’t go see Auntie Ann…” And (swear to God!), Bixby jumped up, looked at Michelle and started waging his tail. We both looked at each other and had to make excuses about not going to class. Seems as though, Ann, you’ve had an impression on those puppies. Thanks for everything,”
– Chris Schombs (Bixby’s and Daisy’s dad)

“Buddy, Rich & I have all benefited greatly from our learning/training experience with you all & we are thankful for the blessing of New Dawn in our lives! Have a wonderful holiday & thanks be for you all!!!”
– Cindy

“A few days after adopting our large 75lb dog we realized he was very leash reactive and fear aggressive with other dogs. After looking around for help we found Ann and the Behavior Center. Our Roscoe went from lunging at dogs a block away to being able to walk within feet of strange dogs with no issues. Ann gave us lots of games to play and homework between lessons to boost Roscoe’s confidence, and give us the tools we needed to handle our big baby. Not only is he great on walks now but is one of the most “well behaved” dogs I’ve ever owned, and we frequently get compliments on our walks at how attentive he is with me. We can’t thank Ann enough for all her help!”