New Dawn Animal Behavior Center

Our training methods are based in the science of behavior analysis. In the words of Susan Friedman, PhD “applied behavior analysis with our companion animals offers scientifically sound teaching technology and ethical standards that can improve the lives of all animals.” At New Dawn Animal Behavior Center we are trainers, but more importantly, we are behavior engineers. We seek to create change with our companion animals by focusing on what we want them to do…..replacing what behavior we do not like. We want to teach you how to “speak dog”… reading and understanding your dog … to resolve problems while enhancing the bond.

“Life as we know it has changed dramatically. I have a dog that can be skittish, fearful and reactive. But she’s also a doll. And you’ve taught me how to live life with her without being constantly worried about the environment around us and around her. I am aware of the environment–more so, really. But I know better how to read her and how to better anticipate and hopefully preempt the reactions and the situations that used to be so traumatic for her. And you also taught me to try to make EVERYTHING fun, fun, fun! it changes my perspective on life, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you–from the bottom of my heart. :-D”
– Louella and Annie Berke

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