The Power of Positive

– Introduction to Clicker Training Foundation

A two-week session that introduces you and your dog to clicker training. We work on cues such as sit, down, paying attention and other useful behaviors that are part of a strong foundation. This class is $60.

Hurry up and Wait…

Self control is fun!

Another two-week session teaches self-control behaviors to enhance your bond with your dog. Behaviors such as: loose leash walking, coming when called, and waiting patiently…to name just a few. This class is $60.

Let’s Do This

– Cues for everyday life

This two-week session covers useful manners such as: Leave it, stay, how to use different reinforcers, and how to use play as part of training. This class is $60.

Note: Power of Positive, Hurry up and Wait, and Let’s Do This are each two weeks in length. The cost for each session is $60. If you pay for all three sessions at once, the charge is $149.

NEXT Series of classes STARTS…

Saturday, November 4th, 2017 | 10:00AM

This series includes: Hurry up and Wait (2 weeks) and Lets do This (2 weeks)